#RiseOfRest Pitch Competition Finalists Announced

We are days away from the kickoff of the Rise of the Rest Road Tour. While Steve and the team are packing their bags and preparing to hit the road, we are thrilled to announce the finalists for our four pitch competitions where one winner in each city will earn a $100,000 investment for their startup.

After reviewing hundreds of applications from some of the hottest startups in Detroit, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati and Nashville, we have selected 38 who will be pitching Steve and a panel of all-star judges. Check them out and tweet us your favorites using hashtag #RiseOfRest.

Detroit Finalists

  • AdAdapted (adadapted.com) An automated native advertising platform for marketers wanting to reach mobile app users.

The Detroit Pitch Competition will be from 3:30-5:00PM on Tuesday, June 24 at theM@dison Building.RSVP Here!


Pittsburgh Finalists

The Pittsburgh Pitch Competition will be from 4:00-5:30PM on Wednesday, June 25 at AlphaLab Gear.RSVP Here!


Cincinnati Finalists

  • Beam Technologies (www.beamstech.com) A worldwide medical product distribution warehouse.
  • REPP (myrepp.com) Verified online profiles, owned by the users who want to share third-party ID verification and background checks with people they meet through commerce, dating or networking sites. Find them on Twitter at@myREPP

The Cincinnati Pitch Competition will be from 3:00-4:30PM on Thursday, June 26 atKnow Theatre.RSVP Here!


Nashville Finalists

  • Checkd.in (checkd.in)Marketing programs that empower clients to monetize their data.
  • Utilize Health (utilizehealth.co) A a technology enabled service that matches patients with neurological disabilities to the therapies and facilities that can maximize their potential for recovery. Find them on Twitter at@UtilizeHealth
  • Sagents (sagents.com)An enterprise supply chain analytic platform to find, connect and manage sales and purchasing opportunities. Find them on Twitter at@SagentsInc

The Nashville Pitch Competition will be from 3:00-4:30PM on Friday, June 27 at theNashville Entrepreneur Center.RSVP Here!

Good luck to all the finalists! We’ll see you next week!