Revolution Growth

We invest growth capital in extraordinary companies and entrepreneurs that can change the world. We help companies take ideas from niche to mass and capitalize on multi-billion dollar market opportunities.


Our approach to investing is reminiscent to the early days of venture capital. It was about smaller funds, with fewer deals, and real hands-on collaboration between the name partners and the entrepreneurs they backed. We have had great success building companies, and we are passionate about helping the next generation of entrepreneurs change the world. We look to do a few things big and well – and build lasting billion dollar companies.


Revolution Growth invests in companies that can change the world. What we do is unique and different. We are focused. Our sweet spot is on technology-enabled businesses that empower consumers and disrupt existing, multi-billion dollar industries. We invest in “speed-ups” –helping companies take ideas from niche to mass and scale to capitalize on huge market opportunities. We are highly selective – typically investing in only two or three new companies per year. We are very hands-on and a true partner, working relentlessly with management teams, over a long period of time, to help build their businesses.



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Steve Case, Ted Leonsis, Donn Davis, and Steve Murray lead Revolution Growth. We work collaboratively on each Revolution Growth company, bringing our unique skills, complementary talents, and personal commitment to partnering with entrepreneurs in all major facets of business-building. We have all been in the trenches as CEOs ourselves, and recognize that the best CEOs and entrepreneurs want to be helped and challenged, but not second-guessed.