SnagFilms Launches Unprecedented Election Hub – “Snag the Vote 2012″

SnagFilms has launched “Snag the Vote 2012,” a hub for over 100 documentaries covering ten key issues in this Presidential election campaign, available free, online, nationwide. The hub enables viewers to go beyond the sound bites and “view before you vote,” with outstanding independent films that will help Americans become more informed and engaged citizens.

“Snag the Vote 2012″ will be programmed fresh every day with original commentary, and journalism from across the political spectrum including original commentary from Anthony Kaufman, editor of Indiewire Blog Network’s Reel Politik. In addition, the hub will include ten major digital film premieres featuring SnagFilms’ new “Snag Social Screening (TM)” technology, which will enable viewers to connect with one another and with the filmmakers and relevant experts via live online streaming premiere events.

The first “Snag the Vote 2012″ event premiered last night when the acclaimed documentary “The After Party” debuted as a Snag Social Screening(TM) event, with a post-screening discussion with the filmmaker.

In addition, renowned artist Shepard Fairey, whose 2008 “Hope” poster was the defining image of that election, has created six graphic works to celebrate “Snag the Vote 2012,” utilizing images inspired by “Let Fury Have the Hour,” an Antonino D’Ambrosio film that is one of the upcoming digital premiere presentations coming in October. You can see those images here.

SnagFilms is extremely proud to be presenting this important election hub to voters nationwide as the party conventions kick off and the campaign season goes into high gear. Visit “Snag the Vote 2012” often and become more informed about the issues important to you, before you make your decisions this November in the voting booth. Learn more about this initiative here.


Ted Leonsis

Ted Leonsis is a nationally renowned entrepreneur, investor, and business-builder. He sits on the board of directors of several leading companies ranging from American Express to Groupon.

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