Revolution Growth fund invests in Resonate

As reported by AllThingsD on February 22, the Revolution Growth fund announced its second investment in Reston-based Resonate, an advertising technology company focused on values marketing.  The AllThingsD article sheds some light on Resonate’s value proposition:

…it recruits panels of Internet users, asks them to complete comprehensive surveys on their likes, values, etc., and tracks their surfing patterns. Then it uses that data to figure out where to find people who will be most receptive to particular pitches.

The idea: While marketers might want to advertise a new light salad dressing on a food site that caters to women, Resonate might figure out that a sports site with a big male audience would be a better bet.

Ted Leonsis, who will lend his deep expertise in the ad tech space as a member of Resonate’s board of directors, shared more details with on Revolution Growth’s hopes for the company:

Leonsis told that Resonate hit a number of sweet spots for him as an investor: among them, an experienced, Washington-area team of entrepreneurs, a hot market in advertising technology, and revenue doubling year over year.

“We wanted to speed that up so that the company could be looking at horizons in the billions instead of the hundreds of millions [of dollars],” Leonsis said.

The Washington Post’s Capital Business section also has a great story on the Resonate investment announcement.