Echo360 Helps Students at Ruhr University Bochum Graduate on Time

Students, Instructors and Staff Benefit from Easy-to-Use Solution to Record, Review and Access Educational Video

Echo360, the global leader in active and distance learning solutions, today announced that Ruhr University Bochum is using its technology to help students manage double credit course schedules. The University has engaged in a three-year contract that provides active learning technology in 14 classrooms, making it one of the largest installations of capture technology in Germany.

German bachelor’s degree programs are designed for students to matriculate in three years. Using the video created with Echo360 is one way students can stay on track to graduate. Many students have full course load and enroll in multiple compulsory courses scheduled at conflicting times. Students can attend one face-to-face seminar while attending the other one virtually with Echo360. They simply watch on a computer or other device when and where it is convenient for them. Read the full media release HERE.