AddThis Introduces Social Sign In to its Suite of Plugins

McLean, Va. — AddThis today announced the integration of Social Sign In to its suite of social plug-ins, enabling users to log into a website using their existing social credentials from the three largest social networks – Google, Facebook, or Twitter. Social Sign In provides publishers with a simplified and lightweight method to take advantage of social identities within the social web’s most comprehensive sharing toolset.

“Consumers increasingly want personalized content experiences but resist the inefficiencies and hassle of unique registrations at each site they visit. Social Sign In gets consumers a more interactive connection to the site while providing publishers with accurate authentication and demographic data,” said Charlie Reverte, Head of Publisher Products at AddThis. “Our goal is to use social infrastructure to strengthen the consumer-publisher connection by speeding up registration and sign-in with a secure, privacy-assured process.”

AddThis’ Social Sign In delivers new competitive advantages to publishers, including the most lightweight, sign-in capability; the flexibility to host the technology on publishers’ own sites, allowing for access to customer information databases; and specialized access to content and tools. AddThis’ Social Sign In will now be available on more than 14 million domains, to support more than 1.3 billion users monthly.

Enabling access to websites via sign-in authentication through trusted social networks helps publishers establish stickier relationships with their readers. Social Sign In also gives publishers new robustness and capabilities by leveraging Google, Facebook and Twitter user attributes for more personalized and intimate engagement.

“We’ve been leveraging the AddThis’ sharing capabilities by using their vertical scrolling menu bar with great results and are looking forward to testing their social sign-in capabilities,” said Greg Robleto, Director of Community and Social Media at The Motley Fool. “We’re very excited about the lightweight approach as well as the flexibility to manage all of the data on our end.”

About AddThis

AddThis is the leader in socially connecting publishers, services and advertisers to audiences on the open web. Reaching more than 1.3 billion unique users monthly, AddThis’ social tools and analytics are used on more than 14 million unique domains to distribute and track digital content such as web pages, widgets, and videos to social networks, bookmarking sites, blogs, and more. AddThis’ proprietary XGraph data technology processes 70 percent of the world’s web traffic to deliver real-time insights, data-driven tools, and high-performing audience products. Visit to learn more.