Revolution's Belief in a Better Way

A revolution's success rests in the power of its beliefs. When enough people participate in the revolution, embracing its beliefs and acting upon them, a "tipping point" is reached: The status quo is no longer acceptable and everyone becomes a revolutionary.

Revolution is operating daily to give people better choices, more control and more convenience in the important aspects of their lives—and building significant, life-changing companies in the process.

Revolution and Its Companies

It takes talent and passion, not just capital, to build great companies. At Revolution, we have collaborated extensively with each company we invest in or acquire, developing an accelerated growth strategy, building a world-class management team, assembling boards of directors to extend the company's expertise and influence. Moreover, we forge strategic alliances, positioning each company as a revolutionary in its field, disrupting the normal way of doing business.

Revolution Requires Risks and Dedication

Success in new markets is won by those who rapidly build momentum and aggressively lead the field. Revolution focuses on building companies that can hasten “tipping points” and benefit from the change they help bring about. We take a long-term view when developing the companies in which we invest, looking closely at intersecting broad trends to ensure that our offerings will be of great value to consumers—and economically sustainable.

Revolution Is Built on Brands

Revolution builds leading brands in each industry we target, achieving broad, mainstream appeal. We will embrace an existing brand on its way to market recognition, but sometimes we will use our own Revolution brand to jumpstart market acceptance.