An Interesting First – Social Screening

“Faces In The Mirror” was streamed live last night on – as a large group of people also watched in theatre up in Seattle. All of the participants then had the chance to listen to live music and ask Boyd Tinsley questions after the movie concluded. See these stories about the film. The Facebook audience was quite engaged.

This was a very compelling concept – fans on Facebook could tune in – see who was in the theatre – talk amongst themselves while watching the film, and then they could ask questions of the people behind the movie. This was a shared experience. In person or on the web.

I participated live as a fan of the film and of Boyd Tinsley. While the experience had some minor technical kinks – to me – it really showed the power and potential of live – social sharing and viewing of films. can now open a film in a theatre – and show it live to people around the world to promote it we can then bring the film to pay platforms; such as Hulu Plus; and Netflix; and then to more platforms such as all cable MSO’s – or Direct TV; for pay per view viewing; or iTunes – and Amazon, or Crackle – or Facebook; we make the film available on 170 or so platforms; we then can bring the film out to the web itself – for free – via and our literally hundreds of thousands of affiliates.

We are just at the beginning stages of true transformation of digital distribution of films and content – I am very proud that our little company is innovating and leading the way here.


Ted Leonsis

Ted Leonsis is a nationally renowned entrepreneur, investor, and business-builder. He sits on the board of directors of several leading companies ranging from American Express to Groupon.

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